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The 10 Best Modern Fonts for Contemporary Designs Part 2

11. Nordic

Yana Bereziner

Nordic is a modern, experimental style font designed by Yana Bereziner . This font was inspired by the Norwegian runes , which were letters used for German before being adapted into the Latin alphabet.

Download at Bēhance .

12. Chest of drawers

Asia The

Komoda is a sleek font designed by Asia Ang. This font is suitable as a typeface for headlines and titles. It looks modern because it is framed with rectangular lines.

Download at Bēhance .

13. Collective

Brave New Fonts

Brave New Fonts designed Collective as an alternative to low-contrast typefaces for the 21st century. This aesthetic font that can be used for displays and text blocks, is available in two styles and two weights.

14. There

Shibu PG

Achi is the first experimental font from Shibu PG . This font is modern and contemporary in style and the double line stem and stroke add a touch of Art Deco detail.

Download at Bēhance .

15. Parley

Filipe Rolim

Parley, from Filipe Rolim, has an interesting diagonal line that intersects each letter and number; Some of the pieces are part of the character while others are additional details.

Download at Bēhance .

16. Aroma

Laura Pol

Laura Pol also created this font, Aroma. Available in bold and light fonts, this font is contemporary in style with slightly retro, slightly calligraphic curved and angled terminals.

Download at Bēhance .

17. Boxing

Tano Veron

The Boxing font from Tano Veron packs a heavy punch with its strong, elongated, and tight shape. This font is aptly titled by Veron inspired by retro boxing posters.

Download at Bēhance .

18. Minimalust

Pratam Yudha

Designed by Pratama Yudha , Minimalust is a clean and minimal font inspired by vintage handwriting and print. Sans serif typefaces have smooth edges and rounded corners.

Download at Bēhance .

19. Hyped

Med Ness

The hyped font from Med Ness features geometric shapes and negative space. Some of the characters are inspired by Art Deco while others are postmodernist Memphis.

Download at Bēhance .

20. Metria

Jake Lund

Metria is a versatile geometric typeface with consistent angles and imperfect circles. Designer Jake Lunde says, “This font is inspired by austere geometric shapes infused with organic curves to make words come alive.”

Download at Bēhance .

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