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The 10 Best Modern Fonts for Contemporary Designs Part 3

21. Arenq

Paulo R

Arenq is a free font from Paulo R and the two-line shape of this font has a retro and futuristic appeal . This font looks especially effective here with gradients or fades on each character.

Download on Dafont .

22. Fontaine

Freebies PSD

Fontaine is a typeface inspired by Art Deco, detective stories, and vintage headlines and commercials, and it looks like a perfect match for movie poster titles. This font is clear, easy to read, and carries a bit of drama.

Download at Freebies PSD .

23. Brassie

Ryan Welch

Brassie by Ryan Welch is the first serif font to make this list, but that diminutive serif doesn’t diminish its charm as it’s still a truly modern and contemporary font.

Download at Bēhance .

24. All

Liz Withers

Liz Withers created Moka as a modern type of look for coffee logos. The client didn’t choose this logo and Liz didn’t want to waste such a great font so it was uploaded on Bēhance for free download. This sans serif font is large in lines and outlines and has a slight handwritten feel.

Download at Bēhance .

25. Perfograma


The performance was inspired by the IBM Harvard Mark 1, an electromechanical computer that reads instructions from a 24-channel punched paper tape. The original concept was presented to IBM in 1937. It used to be considered modern and is still modern.

Download at Bēhance .

26. Ministry

Victor Tognollo

Ministry by Victor Tongollo is an elegant sans serif typeface with an elongated shape, smooth curves, and an attractive trunk and tail, plus other signature elements.

27. Unik2

Fonts of Chaos

Unik2 from Fonts of Chaos has a contemporary look even though it still looks a bit retro and futuristic. There are no circular shapes but corners and terminals are rounded to smooth out the overall look.

Download at Fonts of Chaos.

28. Nagasaki

Sasha Lacob

This Nagasaki font by Sasha Lacob was inspired by Wim Crouwel ‘s 1953 poster entitled “Hiroshima.” This font is very bold and compact to make a huge impact.

Download at Bēhance .

29. Hyperbola

Yuangtrakul collection

Aptly named, Hyperbola is inspired by mathematical curves. Tarin Yuangtrakul looked at the geometric and mirror image features of hyperbolas and applied them to this modern typography.

Download at Bēhance .

30. Reckon

Alex Dale

Alex Dale took inspiration from the popular industrial sans serif typeface and designed Reckoner with a modern twist while keeping the basics of a traditional font.

Download at Bēhance .

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