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The 10 Best Modern Fonts for Contemporary Designs Part 4

31. Stoked

Marie-Michelle Dupuis

Stoked is a serif typeface designed by Marie-Michelle Dupuis . The designer says that “This font was saved with love after the rejection of five custom letter logos. In order that this font was abandoned so cruelly then I gave this font to 21 other friends.”

Download at Bēhance .

32. QG

Anthony James

Now you see it; now you don’t. The QG Anthony James font has simple curves and abstract lines that appear and disappear like a cup of coffee or a stain on a wine glass. “The angular sides add weight and keep the aesthetic from being too stiff,” says Anthony.

Download at Bēhance .

33. Contrary

Tomaz Hrastar

Tomaz Hrastar designed Qontra as a tight sans serif font with low contrast. Its smooth lines and curves are perfect for headlines and body text.

Download at Bēhance .

34. Disclaimer


Disclaimer by Font Fabric is a module-based screen font with elongated and closed shapes and a very high x-height.

Download at Bēhance .

35. Orkney

Samuel Oakes and Alfredo Marco Pradil

Orkney is a geometric font designed and conceptualized by Samuel Oakes . The goal is to create unique yet functional typefaces that can be used for a variety of print and digital projects.

Download at Bēhance .

36. Prime

Max Pirsky

Prime by Max Pirsky is a simple typeface with a ‘technological’ feel and strict geometric shapes. This font is suitable for headlines and body text and has enough subtle detail to stand out.

Download at Fabric Fonts .

37. Matthew

Andreas Leonidou

The Matey from Andreas Leonidou may be a bit retro but it still has a modern look and contemporary appeal. Its geometric curves and compact shapes are best read at large sizes so they are a great choice for headlines and headlines.

Download at Bēhance .

38. Decurion

Mehmet Reha Tugcu

Decurion is a typical plate serif, this font has a bold, block-like shape. Mehmet Reha Tugcu designed Decurion in many versions including inline and outline. You are free to download.

Download at Bēhance .

39. White

Emmeran Richard

Emmeran Richard designed the Blanka font. This font is modern, minimalistic, and abstract with elements that seem cropped and missing.

Download at The Hungry Jpeg .

40. Maddac

Isaac Taracks and Maddie May Kroll

Maddac is named after its designers Isaac and Maddie and is a combination of their names. Their mission is to create a clean, legible typeface that follows two predefined rules: the top left and bottom right must have rounded edges, and the top right and bottom left must have hard edges. Mission accomplished.

Download at Bēhance .

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