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The 10 Best Modern Fonts for Contemporary Designs Part End

41. Leoscar

Faridul Haque

Leoscar is a modern typography from Faridul Haque with serif and sans serif variations. The font is elegant and light with subtle design details.

Download at Bēhance .

42. Amsterdam Superstar

Fonts of Chaos

Amsterdam Superstar is a font where all the lines and angles form a very geometric, almost futuristic font. Each character has a square space that makes them the same height and width.

Download at Fonts of Chaos.

43. Rodus


Rodus has rounded corners and a square shape. This font is available in four style variations, namely regular, round, square, and truncated as well as four different thicknesses.

Download at Free Fonts 4 All .

44. District

Charles Pico

Distrito is a geometric modular font designed by Carlo Pico and inspired by the historical center of Bogotá, Colombia. The curves of this font have an interesting angle that provides drama and impact.

Download at Da Font .

45. Etna

Krisijanis Mezulis

Are you looking for a large font that is bold and modern? Etna from Krisijanis Mezulis fits all of those criteria. This is a clean, clear, and functional font that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Download at Bēhance .

46. ​​Intro

Font Fabric

The intro to Font Fabric has a strong geometric structure with characters based on elemental shapes such as triangles, circles, and squares. This font has sharp corners and a bold shape.

Download at Fabric Fonts .

47. Manifesto

Tomaz Leskovec

The Manifesto font by Tomaz Leskovec was inspired by the Italian rationalist movement. The notion of structure and space is seen in how Tomaz plays with the position of the characteristic elements of letters.

Download at Bēhance .

48. Noir

Matthias Guggisberg

Noir is a simple and to the point font, as the name suggests. Designed by Matthias Guggisberg , this font has a geometric structure and its sans serif shape is functional and easy to read.

Download at Bēhance .

49. Glober

Font Fabric

This glober by Font Fabric is inspired by classic fantastical typography. This font has its own unique style which is expressed through light and elegant geometric shapes. Also look at the lower case of the ‘g’, it’s a unique design, really ideal for designing your band’s merchandise t-shirts.

Download at Fabric Fonts .

50. Canter

Font Fabric

Designed by Christopher J. Lee , Canter is an all-capital and compact typeface. This font is perfect as a display for titles, headlines, and posters.

Download at Fabric Fonts .

Which Modern Font of Your Choice?

Don’t forget to also take into account whether the content will be published in digital form such as PDF or print, as this will affect the size and style of the font we use.

Once you know the list of great modern fonts in this article, you can use them for personal use or, recommend them to those closest to you, or share them on social media. Don’t forget, always give credit to the font designer.

If you want to be further inspired and keep up to date with the latest information, you can also stay up to date with modern fonts and apply them when creating designs in Canva. The advanced features that we have will certainly improve your work to make it look more different.

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