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The 10 Best Modern Fonts for Contemporary Designs

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50 recommended modern fonts as follows.

01. Lombok

Alexandre Pietre

The first modern font that Canva recommends is Lombok by Alexandre Pietre. This unique font comes from serif typography, so there are no projection lines or curls at the end of the letters. Even though it looks vague, the font style that is carried is still firm and clear to see.

Download at Bēhance .

02. Ailerons

Adilson Gonzales de Oliveira Junior

Ailerons is a unique font by Adilson Gonzales de Oliveira Junior inspired by 1940s airplane models. The tip of each letter is angled and slightly curved with fine details.

Download at Bēhance .

03. One Day

Nawras money

One Day is a sleek, uppercase font by Nawras Moneer . Rounded fonts and dashed lines add visual appeal to the main title.

Download at Bēhance .

04. Cooper Hewitt

The Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum

While the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum made improvements to revitalize the building and its identity, it engaged designer Chester Jenkins to create a contemporary sans serif font that is freely available for public use. An aesthetic font that is suitable for today’s brand designs.

Download at Cooper Hewitt .

05. Aqua

Laura Pol

This unique font by Laura Pol features straight lines that contrast with a very rounded shape. Strong angles dominate in uppercase while smooth circles dominate in lowercase.

Download at Bēhance .

06. Coin


The Kolikö font family from Fontfirma features Latin and Cyrillic characters in regular, thin, and bold styles. This is a geometric sans serif font with a clean structure for bold headlines.

Download at Bēhance .

07. Polya

Adrien Pillar

Adrien Coquet designed the Polya font inspired by poly-poly nets, which are meshes for 3D computer modeling. The result is a modern font with a bold shape and a light appearance.

Download at Bēhance .

08. Worker

Alfredo Marco Pradil

Alfredo Marco Pradil described his radnika font as “the hardworking type.” It is a multi-functional typeface that bridges the gap between strong and expressive 19th century typography and subtle, opaque 20th century typography. The ‘medium’ style font is free to download.

Download at Bēhance .

09. Modeka

Gatis Vilaks

Modeka by Gatis Vilaks is a light and elegant font that combines angles with rounded details. The result is a character set with visible intersections between parts of each element.

Download at Bēhance .

10. Higher

Marisa Passos

Initially Marisa Passos designed Higher for a school project after which she offered it free for public use. Ideal for headlines, Higher is elongated with the shape of the display of each letter tightly at the top or bottom of each character.

Download at Bēhance .

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