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Top 15 Best and Coolest Android Theme Apps, Free!

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Bored with the look of android that just like that? This is certainly very reasonable considering we use Android phones every day. To arouse your enthusiasm when using your favorite Android, one of the right ways is to use a theme or launcher.

To help you make the Android interface look less boring, here YaTekno provides 15 choices of the best and coolest Android theme applications that make your Android look different. Let’s check it out!

1. CM Launcher 3D

CM Launcher 3D

Needless to say, CM Launcher 3D has a selection of cool themes or launchers that will make you feel right at home holding your favorite smartphone.

In addition to providing a fairly complete collection of themes, this application made by Cheetah Mobile also provides a choice of live wallpapers and 3D animation effects.

Maybe you are worried that the themes available in this application will make your Android phone slow. Turns out that doesn’t apply to CM Launcher 3D. Where you can still look cool without having to overload the phone’s performance with the theme installed.

2. GO Launcher EX

GO Launcher EX

Bored with the appearance of your android so-so? Maybe it’s time for you to try something new, namely using the theme application from GO Launcher EX.

The application that acts as a launcher will later beautify the appearance of your Android interface with various customizable theme options.

GO Launcher itself provides more than 10 thousand cool themes which will be updated regularly if there are new, cooler themes.

3. Hola Launcher

Hola Launcher

For those of you who have minimal specifications but want to use a theme for Android, maybe Hola Launcher is the right choice. Apart from being lightweight, it also has a very attractive interface that will spoil your eyes when using your favorite cellphone.

One of the excellent features available in this application made by Holaverse is the 3D theme with special effects. Where later you can set and adjust the effect as you wish.

4. Zero Launcher

Zero Launcher

Zero Launcher is one of the smart launcher choices that provides many themes, wallpapers, icons, to live wallpapers. Apart from that, it also provides transition effects that you might find interesting to use.

You can feel this effect when you swipe or shift from one menu to another. Unlike most launchers , Zero Launcher has a small RAM consumption. So it does not burden android performance.

To be able to enjoy the various interesting features provided by the GO Dev Team application , users must at least have Android OS version 4.0 or higher. Curious to try it?

5. APUS Launcher

APUS Launcher

Although not very popular in Indonesia, in fact APUS Launcher has been used by more than 500 million Android users in various parts of the world. Seeing so many users, what makes this application made by Apus Group attract attention?

When viewed in terms of interface, maybe this one launcher is not like most launcher applications which are more prominent in terms of appearance. APUS Launcher is actually intended for those who want to experience a new Android theme with an elegant appearance.

As a simple theme application, Apus only requires a RAM capacity of not less than 2 MB. But still offers an elegant interface with a variety of interesting features in it.

6. C Launcher

C Launcher

Quick and simple, those are the two words that best describe the C Launcher app. Although not widely known, this application by C Launcher Team provides thousands of attractive themes with a charming interface.

Some of the best-selling themes that are widely used by loyal users include Windows 7, Windows 8, Marshmallow, Lollipop, and many others. Not only as a user, here you can also be a designer for your own theme.

7. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

Unlike other launchers , Nova Launcher offers a more modern and elegant look. This theme application will later conjure up the appearance of your Android interface with layout changes, icons, animations, and much more.

Everything you choose can be customized later, such as font colors, icon shapes, widgets, and so on. Overall, the application made by  TeslaCoil Software is the right choice for those of you who want to come up with a simple yet elegant theme.

8. Arrow Launcher

Arrow Launcher

Arrow Launcher is packaged with a simple interface that also prioritizes fast, light, and efficient performance. Unlike other launchers , Arrow provides a more attractive and impressive layout.

This launcher application is designed for convenience. In other words, users can customize their Android interface to make it easier to navigate the things they want. Look cool with features that are also very helpful, who doesn’t want that?

9. Launcher 8 WP style

Launcher 8 WP style

Maybe Launcher 8 WP style is the right alternative for you to choose if you feel bored with the default Android theme. As the name implies, where Launcher 8 will bewitch your android display to make it look like a Windows Phone.

You can later customize this launcher related to the layout of icons, widgets, and other features to make it easier. Guaranteed, this cool Windows -style launcher won’t bore you.

10. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher

Unlike the previous theme application, Apex Launcher is packaged very perfectly like the appearance of a real Android operating system. As the developer of this theme,  Android Does helps Android users who want to experience Android Lollipop OS.

Apart from that, users can also customize the appearance of the home-screen, transition effects, folder layouts, and other interesting features that make your Android interface even cooler.

11. OS10 Launcher HD

OS10 Launcher HD

Because the price of the iPhone is quite expensive, many people prefer Android. The presence of a theme application called  OS10 Launcher HD makes android users feel the privilege of the interface presented on the smart phone made by Apple .

Changes that will occur such as icon styles, home screen appearance, transition effects, and so on. Curious to feel the sensation of using iPhone7, use this launcher right now!

12. Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher

Just like its competitor’s android theme application, Buzz Launcher also provides significant changes to make the interface look cooler.

This application, which has more than 50 million users, offers a large selection of elegant themes, namely more than 100 thousand themes. One of the advantages it has is that it is free of advertisements.

13. Mini Launcher

Mini Launcher

Mini Launcher is the only lightweight and fast theme application with a size of only 4MB. Despite its light size, the choice of themes available here is also quite varied.

One of the excellent features it has is the Gesture feature. Where later users can operate Android devices more easily and quickly. More than 5 million android users have used it, interested to try it too?

14. 91 Launcher Pro

91 Launcher Pro

Even though it doesn’t provide a large selection of themes,  91 Launcher Pro offers a cool theme that makes its users never get bored while holding the green robot. In addition to providing themes, it also provides a wide selection of high-quality HD wallpapers .

As the developer of this application, the  Mobo Live Team has also embedded a unique but very efficient use feature, namely the Cleaner feature.

This feature can later help you stop background processes that are running but not being used. So that the performance of the phone will be faster every time.

15. SquareHome 2

SquareHome 2

Different from most theme applications, SquareHome 2 has its own UI style, namely the appearance of Windows 10. In addition to looking simple and elegant, users can also customize the layout to make it easier to use when operating Android devices.

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